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Review "This superb handbook delivers all that it promises. Readers learn which findings are now considered established and where the most exciting future directions lie.

Cas humanitaire réel! Georgiana Pletea est une mère de 29 ans de daneasa, comté d'Olt Le drame de cette mère d'une fille de 1 ans a commencé il y a quelques mois, quand, à la suite d'un contrôle médical, il a été trouvé dans un de ses seins, une formation inhabituelle.

The book will be invaluable both as a reference for clinicians interested in keeping up to date with their field and as a text for graduate students and teachers in cognitive neuroscience and personality, social, and clinical psychology. A 'must have' for all interested in this critically important area.

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Discoveries about the resulting emotions have implications that are central to fields as diverse as psychology, biology, economics, and law. Robinson, Watkins, and Harmon-Jones know good science, and their book is a gold mine of current information about the many facets of the cognition-emotion connection.

They relate emotion to genes, hormones, attention, memory, peritoneal cancer walk, decisions, personality, anxiety, psychopathy, and much, much more. Students, researchers, and clinicians--anyone seeking to understand emotion and its impact--will find this book as readable as it is essential.

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Robinson's research focuses on the areas of personality, cognition, and emotion. Edward R. Watkins has practiced as a cognitive-behavioral therapist for 20 years, specializing in depression.

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His research focuses on the experimental understanding of psychopathology in depression--with a particular focus on repetitive negative thought and rumination--and the peritoneal cancer walk and evaluation of new psychological interventions for mood disorders, including randomized controlled trials of treatments targeting rumination in depression. Watkins is a recipient of the British Psychological Society's May Davidson Award for peritoneal cancer walk contributions to the development of clinical psychology within the first 10 years of his career.

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Harmon-Jones's research focuses on emotions and motivations, their peritoneal cancer walk for cognitive and social processes and behaviors, and their underlying neural circuits.