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Oana Zamfir: Totul pare mare atunci cand esti mic Așteptați înțelepciuneaNumai ea poate brațul slab sa-l întăreascăWart medicine on skin tags poate supune patimile cele rele, Numai ea poate aduce inimilor bucurii Acum sânt bine. Daca era schimbat ceva in Romania, mesajele melodiilor nu mai erau valabile Melodia asta este ca vinul, cu cât mai vechi, cu atât mai bun. Mai mult ca sigur sunteti niste bogătași infecți care ati luat totul pe bani grei si pile.

ombladon raku egali din nastere

Moarte vouă, sa averi parte de cancer galopant, carambol si descarcerare. Elmo From motherland: sa va bag pula n gura cu in loc sa ascultati piesa asta extrem de adevarata voi comentati ca prostii Dinu Razvan: Eu vorbesc de razboi si arata steagu alb Eu sunt sarpele ascuns Cum pula mea cand toti trebui a sa fim egali din nastre Nicodim Daneil: ma fut in cenzura cna alui Urzica Petronela: Cat adevăr Ombladon raku egali din nastere Mu.

ombladon raku egali din nastere

De la ei a plecat tot. Emanuel Eduard: Equals since birth Laziness, malice and conceit have gone out of control They will spread all over the ombladon raku egali din nastere and take over unwitting minds That are too innocent and weak to oppose resistance!

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We have the power to get past every bad thing that happens to us Nobody understands us, almost everyone wants to place us in ombladon raku egali din nastere 9 from 10 kids, 9 from 10 women 9 from 10 men, 9 from 10 romanians steal out of hunger At the grocery store you weigh your food in s of grams You end up selling you parents for money and that's paintful Too many kids are happy just for vestibular papillomatosis patient handout 2 candy Too many one room apartaments in wich 4 people are living Too many educated people that search trash cans for food Too many women that become whores, like their mother Too many teenage girls that become hookers Tired of the disputes inside their family and their poverty Too many people that live in sewers Miserable living conditions - seems unreal Old men that die without pills in hospitals Kids that beg bare-footed, all of this is a drama.

Everything seems big when you're small No biggie Everything seems untouchable Don't be defeated, They talk about peace, but they show up their weapons How the fuck's that, when we were supposed to be equal since birth? Take care of your life, eagles are circling around in the mist One living being may give you a helping hand, another can have an evil intention In the interest, the hidden snakes lies in wait Everything hangs by a thread, in a second Lions become prey, women are flocking to you, you want only one Left without her love you start drinking Looking in your glass, you wait for a dice A friend ombladon raku egali din nastere near you only occasionally But you can't even observe him You worked all your life, kid To obtain something that a well connected guy gets in a day1 You dont wish to learn a crafting job When you see fathers that die, working day after day You have brothers in jail becose they conned someone Some end up their life hanged Money dig a grave in wich worms ombladon raku egali din nastere The blood of your brother's brother that has become water.

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Only that can strengthen the weak arm. Only that can end the evil sufferings. Only that can bring joy in our hearts Dany Ioana: Cineva ??

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Alexandru Codreanu: Fac ombladon raku egali din nastere fac Muzica pura! Ionut Moraru: Bravo Ombla!! Brandusa Ilie: de dislike uri pt ce?

Liviu Valentin: ? Gabi Laczo: Nimic schimbat in Velisa Halis: yoyoseby XD: ? Careva Manuel SenAbruzzi: Deci sa mor eu, as vrea sa-l vad acum pe baiatul ala mic cum arata acum :O Alexandru Gaiu: mandria Romaniei Tatu Nicolae: Cînd am ascultat piesa asta prima oara am zis, aşa e, e dureros ce se întampla în romania, viața e foarte grea în romania şi respect ombladon pentru cuvinte şi adevar, succes în tot ce faci!

Vlad Todirica: Cat adevar în piesa asta!

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