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It includes five healing systems: Neo -light healingReikiChakra healing, Color healing, Crystal healing When combining all five systems, one is opened up to a powerful energy force and healing occurs in the metaphysicalspiritual and physical dimensions. This book is set out in a way that allows one to also access a collective healing approach to specific weaknesses or disorders in the body.

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Neo-light is a new healing system and, to date, information on this energy healing technique can only be found in this book. Reiki is usually passed on from teacher to student, which hampers those who are unable to reach out to a Reiki master.

This book offers the gift of self -attunement to all. Use this book to learn how to combine the five healing systems to combat disease in the body.

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Find information about healing boxes for weight loss, fertilityabundance and much more About the Author The author, Michelle Parkin, is a metaphysician and obtained her Ph. D in metaphysical science in She is a Reiki master teacher and has been dysbiosis how to treat and teaching Reiki for 15 years.

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She is the founder of the Neo-light healing system. I have tried homeo I suffered from an autoimmune disease and I knew that it will be a long process to treat dysbiosis how to treat and it will take lot of patience.

All Guts, No Glory: A Review of the Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis

Luckily I have come across Stephen's website when I was looking for a new practitioner and got an appointment. Firstly Stephen told me my health index which was 7 and it should have been 2.

dysbiosis how to treat

Stephen has taken lot of time to find all issues I was having at that time. I would definatelly recommend Stephen because he will get to the root of the problem and his skills and knowledge help you to understand how the body works.

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I have dysbiosis how to treat my health overall a lot and will be always 6 colorectal cancer back to Stephen.

Vezi mai mult.

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