Iris Versicolor - MATERIA MEDICA (Reversed Kent's Repertory)

Uterine cancer headaches,

Atropa Belladonna. Deadly Nightshade. Greece, Italy, Britain. Tincture uterine cancer headaches whole plant when beginning to flower. Bladder weakness.

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Brain, uterine cancer headaches of. Bronchial glands, disease of. Delirium tremens. Ear, affections of. Enteric fever. Eye, affections of.

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Fear, effects of. Glandular swellings. Heart, affections of. Kidney, affections of. Lung, affections of. Malignant pustule. Mouth affections. Nose, affections of. Phlegmasia alba dolens. Pneumogastric paralysis. Pregnancy, disorders of.

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Puerperal mania. Sleep, disorders of. Smell, disordered. Taste, disordered. Testicles, affections of.

Throat, sore. Tongue, affections of. Uterine affections. Worm fever.

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On goats and rabbits it has no poisonous action whatever. On carnivorous animals it acts with moderate intensity. On man it acts with highest intensity. But on idiots, as Hufeland mentions, it has no more action than it has on some of the carnivora.

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An enormous number of the symptoms of Bell. Conformably with this, the pains of Uterine cancer headaches. To understand aright the action and uses of this great medicine it is necessary to bear in mind some leading features which characterise its action in all parts of uterine cancer headaches organism.

But before alluding to these I will briefly refer to its correspondence to scarlatina. Cases of Belladonna poisoning have frequently been mistaken for cases of scarlatina.

But it is the smooth form only, these presenting a smooth, even, red surface that come under its controlling action and prophylaxis.

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When such an epidemic is about, any one who may be exposed to infection may obtain almost certain nasal papilloma pathology by taking Belladonna two or three times a day. This is one feature which renders Bell. It is a chilly medicine; sensitive to changes from warm to cold, to draught of air, to damp weather, to chilling from having the head uncovered, or having the hair cut; better from being wrapped up warmly in a room.

Under this drug there is a remarkable quickness of sensation, or of motion; the eyes snap and move quickly. The pains come and go suddenly no matter how long they may last.

They are in great variety, but throbbing, burning, and uterine uterine cancer headaches headaches are uterine cancer headaches characteristic: "stabbing from one temple to the other.

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Congestion of blood to the head. Vertigo, mostly at night on turning over in bed, or when getting up in the morning, also when walking and on every change of position.

Headache with flushed face and brilliant eyes, dilated pupils. Feeling in brain like swashing of uterine cancer headaches. Throbbing, uterine cancer headaches headache, with beating arteries and violent palpitation of the heart.

It has cured a very severe headache in a nervous man occurring whenever he was exposed to tobacco smoke.

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In the mental sphere are mania; rage; disposition to bite, scratch and tear things. Fantastic illusions when closing eyes. Dull and sleepy; half asleep and half awake. Spasms and twitchings are very marked.

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Many disorders of vision. Heat, redness and burning are three great characteristic notes of Bell. The face is purple, red, and hot, or yellow. Redness and pallor alternate. The mouth is exceedingly dry without thirst. Sensation of a hand clutching intestines.

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Stool in lumps like chalk. Spasmodic contraction of anus; obstinate constipation. Bleeding piles; back pains as if breaking. The menstrual flow is hot; of light colour; or bad smell. Cough short, dry, tickling, similar to cough of Rumex and Phos.

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Whooping-cough; with crying or pains before the attack; flushed face; nose-bleed and bloody expectoration; sparks before eyes; stitches in spleen; involuntary stool and urine. Paralysis of lungs and heart vagus nerve. Violent palpitation of heart.

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Stitches in chest. Swelling of breast with bright red streaks radiating from centre of inflammation. Sweat on covered parts only. A striking picture of Bellad. Skin dry and hot like fire. On being spoken to coaxingly flew into a violent rage.

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Cina had ameliorated. Complaints come suddenly; hot, red face, semi-stupor, papillomavirus contagieux homme little while starting or jumping in sleep as if it might go into convulsions. A very general characteristic of Bell.

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It refers to headache and all kinds of inflammatory affections. Moaning in sleep. A number of cases of poisoning have been reported from application of Belladonna plasters to the skin, classical symptoms of the drug being produced and no little danger to life. One practitioner was warned by his patient that she could not tolerate a Belladonna plaster, but uterine cancer headaches, thinking there must have been a mistake, and that cantharides must have been in the plaster she had formerly used, had one made up under his own eyes and applied it himself.

In less than one hour there was an unbearable pain and when the plaster was removed the surface was found to be blistered. A case of poisoning reported in the Medical Press September 9, brings out the profound and long-lasting effects of the drug. Three days after, a doctor saw them.

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The condition of the eldest was uterine cancer headaches follows: pupils dilated to maximum and insensitive to light; pulse frequent; breathing feeble and hurried; skin dry, bright red; temperature lowered; extremities and face cold; urination and defecation suspended.

Co-ordination was lost; the patient staggered as if drunk and acted like a mad person. When asked his name he would shout as loud as he could, falling backwards with his hands in the air, his legs slightly bent as if about to sit down on a low stool, and then tumble on the floor.

When raised from the ground and seeing his friends again he began to talk without ceasing, laughing, and singing local melodies in a boisterous manner.

Suddenly his whole demeanour would change in to a melancholic depression of agony; he would look blank and wild on all around.

Regatul Unit english Date şi fapte Cuvântul migrenă vine de la Hemicrania şi înseamnă "cea pe jumătatea capului", din cauza durerii acute sau pulsatile, deseori pe o singură parte a capului.

He would instantly jump up, run at the wall, and endeavour to spring on the highest articles in the room with the strength of a wild animal, and it was with difficulty that his movements could be controlled.

The uterine cancer headaches of the three lay depressed, in a soporific condition, eyes closed, skin cold, limbs powerless. Pupillary reaction, tendon and muscular reflex were almost gone, whilst the sense of heat and cold still remained.

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On shouting loud in his ear, he slowly tried to open his eyes in wonder; when shaken and put on his feet he made two or three steps backward as his elder brother and fell senseless on the floor. The second eldest lay in a deep sleep, face cyanotic; skin of extremities and part of body dry and cold; breathing feeble, pulse scarcely perceptible.

Loudest crying, or shaking could not rouse him; feeling uterine cancer headaches reaction lost.