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    However, infection during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy can result in severe abnormalities in an unborn baby, including developmental delay, congenital cataracts blindnessenlarged liver or spleen, or death. If you are diagnosed with congenital rubella within the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may offer you the option of a termination of the pregnancy.

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    The most dangerous time to get German measles rubella is within the first 11 weeks of pregnancy. You may not even know you are pregnant with the first 11 weeks, which is why it is very important to make sure you are vaccinated even before you get pregnant.

    gardasil vaccine infertility

    The blood test will test gardasil vaccine infertility immunity. If you need another vaccination, you will need to wait a gardasil vaccine infertility three months before you try to get pregnant or wait to have a further follow-up blood test to make sure you are immune.

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    Infection is common in childhood. You may know that you had chicken pox or your parents or health records may be able to confirm if you have already had it. If you have, you will be immune.

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    A blood test can also check your immunity. A vaccination is now available, but pregnancy should be avoided for three months after the immunisation.

    Flu vaccination Pregnant women gardasil vaccine infertility become quite sick with flu and are at risk of complications if they get flu. The flu virus changes frequently and so the vaccine has to be updated every year.

    Yearly flu vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and, when you become pregnant, your fetus against flu.

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    Flu vaccination during pregnancy is also highly effective in protecting babies against flu in the first six months of life. Flu vaccination is recommended for pregnant women. The vaccine can be given at any stage of your pregnancy and will protect you from common flu viruses.

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    The flu vaccine is free for pregnant women and available from your General Practitioner GP. The flu vaccine contains killed virus therefore you cannot catch the flu from the vaccine.

    However, some people may experience mild side effects, which can be controlled with paracetamol Whooping cough Whooping cough pertussis vaccination does not last a lifetime.

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    Most adults are not adequately vaccinated because their last immunisation for whooping cough was more than ten years ago. Adults need a booster shot to make sure they are adequately vaccinated. This booster shot is available from your local doctor GP.

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