Scientists Find New Ovarian Cancer Gene

Ovarian cancer research


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    Share Share 21 February  Last night — while most of us were dreaming, snoring and snuggled up warm in our blankets — Australia reached a new milestone in cancer research. Thanks to the hundreds-of thousands of everyday 'Dreamers' plugging in their phones and pressing 'play', the app finished its final calculations on Project Decode in half the time it would have otherwise taken, paving the way towards the discovery ovarian cancer research new, more effective cancer treatments.

    ovarian cancer research

    Last night, the app finished its final calculations on Project Decode in half the time it would have otherwise ovarian cancer research, paving the way towards the discovery of new, more effective cancer ovarian cancer research.

    Setting a new pace Image: A comparison of over breast cancer tumour genomes to each other. Ovarian cancer research next step is a deep-dive into the results.

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    Real Impacts Completion of Project Decode is also a testament to the power of everyday people to contribute towards new scientific discoveries. Beyond the calculations and computing power, though, for people like Canberra mum Sarah McGoram, the completion of Project Decode is a spark of hope on the horizon.

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    Sarah suffers from a rare form of intestinal cancer with limited treatment options and no known cure. For her and her family, the discoveries made by cancer research can be a lifeline.

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    3. Email Women who carry a faulty copy of a gene called RAD51D have an almost one in 11 chance of developing ovarian cancerscientists said on Sunday in a finding they called the most significant ovarian cancer gene discovery for more than 10 years.
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    If I can help the researchers get their data one day faster by powering DreamLab, then it is worth it. Her year-old son, George, even contributes to DreamLab, powering it on devices at home and school.

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    Downloading DreamLab will consume data. Once downloaded, DreamLab can be used when your device i is connected to a charging source and ii has mobile network or WiFi connectivity.

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    Roaming incurs international rates.