Testicular cancer of the lymph nodes, RPLND Surgery for Josh's Testicular Cancer

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And I don't like asking for help But I have to, because I know he would do it for me. Please share.

RPLND Surgery for Josh's Testicular Cancer

If you'd rather donate via paypal: paypal. My name is Samantha Gauthier some know me as Kaoru and I am creating this fundraiser for my boyfriend, Joshua Schmaltz, who doesn't have a Facebook.

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He is 25 years old, turning 26 next month, and was diagnosed with non-seminoma testicular cancer. We will be scheduling it as soon as they receive his records, which should be tomorrow. On February 2nd, Josh brought himself to the emergency room and was later diagnosed by a urologist.

Non-seminomatous germ cell testicular tumor with poor prognosis

He underwent an oriechtemy a few days later, losing his right testicle. We were referred to an oncologist to start 3 cycles of chemotherapy. We opted for a port instead of pic line, so he had to have surgery to insert it. He went through 3 cycles of chemo over the course of 9 weeks, 21 chemo days total. Each cycle was five 8 hour days Monday-Friday, and then two 4 hour Mondays, and repeat 3 times.

How is Testicular Cancer Treated? - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

So we missed a lot of work. He did pretty good during chemo.

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He is still having to take nausea medication. Our first day of chemo was on May 14th, the day after my 20th birthday.

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I brought him to every appointment, surgery, and treatment. Halfway through his chemo, he had to have his port re-stitched, which was another surgery.

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  • His complaints have begun 6 months before the admission.
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He will need to have it removed eventually, when we know for sure that he won't need to use it again. Our last day of chemo was July 23rd. We did a CT scan on August 3rd.

Cancerul de Testicul

We met with our oncologist soon after, and were told that Josh would need to undergo RPLND surgery due to the size of his suspected teratoma and that 2 of his lymph nodes did not go down in size.

The teratoma was 3cm before chemo, and is now 7cm.

testicular cancer of the lymph nodes

Surgery is needed if it is anything over 1cm. A teratoma is chemo resistant and must be surgically removed, or it can grow larger and turn into a secondary cancer. RPLND is a complicated, 6 hour long surgery that must be done by an expert at a center of excellence.

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He must stay at the hospital for a minimum of days, and up to 10 days. Recovery can take up to 4 weeks. Dr Einhorn is a top TC expert and doing the surgery there will help reduce his risk of bleeding, infection, retrograde ejaculation, and nerve damage.

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It will all still be a possibility, but we have been told that doing it with an experienced testicular cancer of the lymph nodes is going to make a HUGE difference. This is why we have not considered having it anywhere else, and I ask that everyone please respect that decision. So here are the details I've worked out so far We will be heading out over the weekend and have to arrive a day prior to the surgery so we can do a pre-op appintment.

We have determined that we will need at least 2 nights at a hotel, 1 for the night before surgery, and 1 testicular cancer of the lymph nodes let me rest halfway through our 12 hour drive home, since he will likely not be in a position to help me drive back.

A hotel can be around a night, but I'm hoping to find one that can give us a discount through the hospital.

Armata varicoasă testicular

I have contacted american cancer society and they will try to get me 1 night free or discounted. To be safe, I'm assuming is needed for a hotel for 2 nights. I plan on staying with Josh at the hospital and just hope I can find a place to shower. Currently, we are unsure if we can make payment plans with the hospital, but it's on the to do list.

Tumoare germinală testiculară nonseminomatoasă cu prognostic rezervat

I just needed to get this done asap so I can make sure we have the funds in time before we go. We are also going to be missing a lot of work for this and it's not something that we are prepared for.

If anyone is deserving of this, it's Josh.

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He is literally the most amazing person I have ever met. He just wants to live life and be happy, love his dog and his family, and be nice to strangers.

Much more than documents.

He is the guy I lose at the door to the gas station because he's holding it for everyone behind me too, he's the one you see bringing baskets back for other people at the grocery store, walking old ladies across the street Josh has been through so much these last testicular cancer of the lymph nodes months.

This is the hardest thing he's ever had to go through, and hes such a high spirited person that it's hard to see something bring him down so much. It can happen to anyone, but it happened to my baby and Papilomatosis bovina etiologia can never forgive that.

I promised to take care of him and even though he doesn't know about this fundraiser yet, I know he will be forever grateful when he finds out that his trip and surgery might be worry free. Hell, if I testicular cancer of the lymph nodes get enough donations I would fly his mom out to see him